Impressions from here and there

Latest Impressions
Once again
Depressive Darkness took my mind.
You'll never understand my kind.

I took the road into the town,
I saw some people falling down.
And as I returned to my home,
I felt like I was visiting Rome.

Return to the village
It was not easy to keep the smile,
The awareness took a while.
But something lovely was happening to my mind,
Old feelings and memories I could find.

It's time to take another ride,
to visit the place I loved as a child.
But pain is waiting and I know,
I have to survive a strange show.

All the trouble was far away,
three languages controlled my day.
C#, JS & PHP are the law,
and in the night I used the Guitar.

The water and the old town
Take a walk, enjoy the day.
Even when the sky is gray.

Forget the things you have to do,
something is waiting just for you!

The Truth Is Out There
I know you want me
to get a feel.

But you should know
I'm not real.

Welcome to the new
After a long break it was time to try something new and to
get back again.

G.Black is still alive and the music is going on.

Take a look to GMS-Records and find out some more.

A lonely stone cross
Somewhere in the landscape.
Somewhere in the green.

Someone is waiting.
Something is clean.